Ashby Pressphoto
Ashby is a progressive rock quintet from Germany. Since its foundation in summer of 2011, the band can proudly look back and be proud of what they accomplished up to now.
On the way to the first performance of the band, Frank Bornemann (Leader of Eloy and producer of Guano Apes) as well as Patrick Sepke were very impressed by the sound of the young band.

After a six month period writing and composing, Ashby presents their first EP entitled: “A Question
Never Heard” (05/2013), which was produced at the legendary Horus Sound Studio in Hannover, Germany.
Many good responses and feedback came from online and printed magazines such as (Eclipsed & Rocktimes).
In their beginning, the band played smaller gigs,but that would be for just a very short period of time. Not long after, the band were invited to play bigger menus and popular festivals such as “Hells Kitchen Fest”, “Essen Original” (with Powerwolf) and “Eier mit Speck Festival” in Viersen (including Knorkator).

Sabina Moser (Vocalist of the Band), had a very sucessful year in 2014 which drew much attention
to her and the band, like the German Casting Show (The Voice of Germany) and with reason.
She was introduced to an audience of millions but withdrew just before the finals.
In the end of 2014, after their first concert in Verona, Italy, Ashby began the production of their first debut album entitled “Fragmental”.

Christian ‘Moschus’ Moos (Spacelab Studio) was quickly found as the perfect sound and mixing engineer after his productions with bands like Haken and Delain.
Mastering engineer ‘Eroc’ (including Opeth & Haken) mastered the final recordings and the finishing touches and finalizing the sound of the album.
In paralell, the band launched a crowdfunding campaign which was sucessfully funded in a very short time and managed to finance the album.
‘Fragmental’ the début album was officially released on the 13th of November, 2015 and was presented live in front of a large audience in a big launch show at the ‘Zentrum Altenberg’ in Oberhausen, Germany.

In 2016 the band released an acoustic album with rearranged material from the previous releases.